About Kane Finn Kealoha

kane kealoha carl jenkins

On November 24, 2000, Long Beach kitchen designer Dana Kathleen Jones married Carl Lynn Jenkins, whom people call Huck or Hucky.

He was born Carl Martinez in 1964 in the state of Washington. He attended Huntington Beach High School in Huntington Beach, California. In April 2010, Carl petitioned to change his name to Cain Finn Jones. (See case summary.)

In August 2014, five months after Dana’s death, he changed his name to Kane Finn Kealoha. (See announcement published in The Reporter.)

kane finn kealoha cain jones huck hucky long beach carl jenkins dana jones 4
Typical day at the office with Enzo.

Dana met Huck when he was installing a kitchen that she had designed. For a time, he owned a contracting business, True Construction, LLC. According to state records, Huck’s contractor’s bond was cancelled on February 25, 2012, deactivating his license. (Search the CSLB license database for California Contractor License # 703070. Scroll down to “Bonding Information.”)

At the time of Dana’s death, Huck had not worked and had not earned income in several years. Rather, he spent the bulk of his time bicycling, surfing, skateboarding, getting tattoos, and watching mixed martial arts on television. He also pursued wristwatch collecting.

huck metal work 2009
Huck doing metalwork at home in 2009.

Dana and Huck started filing their federal tax returns jointly in 2011. On their returns for tax years 2011 and 2012, Huck’s occupation is specified as “not working.” He was not an employee of Dana’s company, nor did he function as an assistant to her in any way.

For a time, Huck was enrolled in a jewelry-making class at Long Beach City College. He converted his and Dana’s garage to a metalworking studio in 2009.

Dana recognized that Huck had artistic talent, and she encouraged him to develop it. She also admired his uncanny skill for designing and installing home electronics and technology, and she hoped that he would try to make a career of it.

Dana supported Huck in every sense of the word.

Finn Huck

4 replies on “About Kane Finn Kealoha”

there is so much more to the story than stated above. I knew them both well as I was their neighbor and acupuncturist. Hucky treated Dana like a queen she wanted for nothing he provided her with love, a beautiful home, made all three meals, including home made almond milk he made for her, he cleaned the house almost daily took care of the extensive gardens and pond and catered to her every need. ,He ran errands for Dana and did so much more. Dana and I talked frequently and she usually talked about how wonderful and kind huck was to her, she felt safe and loved and told me she loved being married to Huck. She loved that he was able to stay home and be with her and their dog Enzo which he walked several times a day (Enzo is hyper and needed this) Hucky is devastated with his loss he will always love dana and she truly loved him If dana was here she would be horrified with what has been said and written about her love hucky please don’t believe these hurtful cruel statements above there is so much left out. there were written by someone who does not even live in California . I hope you can rest in peace Dana Love Marian


Hi, Marian! Thanks for dropping in and posting your comment. I have a couple quick questions for you: Is it true that you were the one who scrubbed Dana’s blood off the floor before police searched the house? That’s what Huck said. I’m told that whoever cleaned up the “massive” amount of blood (as described by Huck in the 911 call) did an impressive job! Can you share more information about that day? Who came to the house? When did you hear what happened? From whom?


Dana designed our kitchen and bathrooms in 2006-7. I was aware that she had died but had not known about the controversy surrounding her death until today. I did not know this ‘Huck’ but I read through your site and listened to the 911 call. A few things stuck out to me as inconsistent. First: Assume that she was doing a headstand when she fell. Her feet would have hit something, perhaps even knocked it over. It would have gone in an opposite direction from where her head was. What struck her in the head to cause a massive bleed? Second: where was all the blood??? How did this get buried in the report? Conspicuous by its absence, I’d say. Third: The 911 call. He states that she has a head injury with massive bleeding and that she is concussed (interesting term coming from a non-medical person by the way) yet she is combative???? Which is it? I know this reply is 7 years after the fact, and perhaps you have had to move on, which I completely understand and respect. I just felt the need to respond because something’s not kosher here. I am available to speak with you if you’d like. And to Marian. Sorry, but if Huck weren’t working, as is mentioned, cooking and running errands was the least he could have done.


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